Apple Watch yields heart data nearly as good as clinical tests, report claims

Apple has been playing a long game in digital healthcare. The main focus – where Apple is right now – CEO Tim Cook  recently said, is “…to empower people to own their health.” And as the tools to enable such ownership develop, more opportunity knocks.

Protecting the human

We know Apple’s devices can track fitness levels. We know the heart health monitoring tools it makes are already saving lives. Now, fresh research shows that data gathered by an Apple Watch can enable remote monitoring of heart conditions. This is an important step in the company’s smart plan for digital health.

Underpinning that plan is data. What Apple has proven across the last few years is that the data its watch gathers can make a difference. But what’s different about the latest Stanford research is that it shows not only that Apple Watch can detect health problems, but also that it enables pretty much the same quality of heart health data you’ll pick up when visiting a clinic.

It suggests the device can gather sufficiently robust data remote medical staff can use to make accurate decisions concerning heart health. This matters, because more than 17 million people die each year globally from cardiovascular disease, an estimated 31% of all premature deaths worldwide.

What the research states

The latest research saw 110 patients asked to use an iPhone and Apple Watch to monitor heart health. They were also required to attend the clinic for tests.

The study found that:

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