Blind Blog survey finds companies, employees disagree on WFH future

In the analyst community, we’ve been red-flagging a clear (and expensive) trend: companies that are building huddle and conference rooms in office buildings under the assumption people will want to come into the office to use them. There is virtually no empirical data that this will be the case. And a recent study by the Blind Blog professional social network shows that even tech companies are all over the map, suggesting should survey your people before making any decisions.

Let’s talk about what’s likely to happen post-pandemic and why you need to stop your plans until you and your employees are in sync.

The Blind Blog survey results

Blind is a social network like Linked-In that’s focused on business professionals. It has around 4 million users, which isn’t large enough to represent businesses worldwide but isenough to spot specific trends.  The survey results suggest that what many believe is about to happen — a partial or complete return to the office — not only may not happen this summer but may not happen in some companies at all. 

One of the interesting results is that many of those surveyed don’t believe their feelings are considered. Nearly all respondents believe most would be back in the office by year-end. But there was a preponderance of workers saying they aren’t ever going back. 

Some of the comments include:

  • “I’m not going back to the office ever.”
  • “I love WFH. The idea of driving to work every morning for 45 mins to an hour is so silly to me right now. We get back an [hour] and a half to 2 [hours] of commute every day we don’t get paid for. I think we are effective remotely, especially in the tech field, since most of our time is spent on work and not on small talk around the office. The only people who I think might feel otherwise are the managers since they spend most of their time on meetings since video calls can be very draining.”
  • “I never want to see the office again due to commute and having to dress up every day. Mostly commute and having to get up at the crack of dawn.”

If forced to go back, they warn that productivity could drop: “If I am forced to go back in the office, no way am I going to put in the same amount of time I do right now with WFH. Once I leave the office, I am done outside of answering a few emails.”

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