Defining the digital workspace of the future

A while back, I wrote about a new company at the forefront of the cloud desktop effort — Cameyo, which has emerged as a better alternative to Citrix. It continues to impress, putting together a Digital Workspace Consortium focused on defining what the cloud office of the future should contain. It is an initial effort, and I can see where components are missing. But we likely can build out the components of what the coming digital workspace will need. 

Given how the market has taken a significant turn since the COVID-19 pandemic, this workspace of the future will likely depend on one thing: flexibility. 

Let’s explore the idea and see where things might be evolving.

An ecosystem in 8 parts

The Digital Workspace Consortium defines the coming digital workspace in 8 segments. 

The first segment involves virtual desktops that are cloud-connected, increasingly terminal-like devices that look like laptops or tiny desktop PCs but are just a front end for a cloud-hosted desktop.

The second includes the virtual applications that will run on that cloud desktop — providing the tools needed for remote or on-premises workers to do their jobs. 

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