Jamf move improves enterprise security and compliance for macOS

Enterprise device management company Jamf has acquired new tools from cmdSecurity designed to help business-using Macs make the platform even more secure and to protect compliance in regulated industries.

It’s yet another clear signal of the extent to which the status of Apple’s platforms in business has changed.

Securing the endpoints

Jamf has acquired various tools and technical assets developed by cmdSecurity, a company whose founder wrote the security guidance for the use of Macs by the US government. The purchase includes the macOS security and compliance suite, cmdReporter, the developers of which, Daniel Griggs and Eric Metzger, have also joined Jamf.

“We see a continued demand for security and compliance within the enterprise. This acquisition will only deepen Jamf’s expansion of those capabilities,” said company CEO Dean Hager.

Life at the edge

The security and compliance suite works like a security motion camera detector that watches anything running on, communicating with, or authenticating into a Mac. It will collect and stream macOS telemetry data to security and incident-event management (or other) logging tools. It does so while maintaining compliance and auditing IT security requirements.

The information it gathers can help monitor for intrusion detection (potentially in real time) and can also be used to prevent use of prohibited applications, stop data loss, and handle additional security functions.

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