Lessons from Jamf on how to support the remote hybrid enterprise

The pandemic has changed where we work and how we work— and it’s reinforced the need for robust security to protect remote teams, says Jamf CEO Dean Hager.

The big move out

Hager’s company began working remotely over a year ago in response to the pandemic. In 24 hours, the firm’s entire global team switched to working from home. As a tech-focused company, Jamf experienced little business disruption during the  transition. To some extent, this was because the company chose to follow best-practice advice for remote working:

  • Make use of off-premises cloud infrastructure where possible.
  • Migrate all communications from fixed line to mobile and video conferencing.
  • Use the latest technologies — in Jamf’s case (as in 23% of US industry) that meant Macs and iPhones.

“My advice to companies who were not ready to go remote a year ago would be to implement these practices now, because remote work is here to stay,” said Hager.

This doesn’t mean remote will completely replace traditional workplaces. The future workplace will be a hybrid workspace, said.

“Most organizations will still have facilities. Telecommuting [100%] of the time won’t become the norm. However, surveys show that most employees want to telecommute part time.”

The hybrid workplace will require managementto  adjust to new ways of measuring performance, which will challenge some autocratic, traditional managers. “In a lot of ways, it’s going to be more disruptive than when we went all remote,” said Brian Kropp, Gartner vice president research. Ford, Microsoft, Citigroup, and even Apple seem to be preparing for these hybrid work environments.

Merely because the transition may be challenging, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be embraced. Meeting these changed expectations will be as critical as providing employees with device and platform choice, training, and opportunities for career development. This future will rely on hybrid meeting rooms, remote collaboration and project management tools.

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