Mosyle unveils Apple MDM tools for the enterprise

Mosyle has introduced a new MDM solution and launched a free service that may be of use to some of the growing number of enterprises deploying Apple devices across their business.

Apple ecosystem eyes enterprise opportunity

With 23% of US enterprises moving from PCs to Macs — and more than 55% of businesses using or approving use of Apple’s platforms across their business — these kinds of solutions are on a roll.

Founded in 2012, Mosyle began in the education market and later pivoted toward the enterprise. Its new solutions enter what seems to be a burgeoning market, dominated by Jamf and likely to see Apple’s own in-house solutions improve following the company’s purchase of Fleetsmith.

“Apple products set the standard for productivity, security and user experience. Because of that, the company has seen explosive growth in the enterprise market,” said Alcyr Araujo, Mosyle’s founder and CEO. “But this comes at a time where work-from-anywhere initiatives are pushing management and protection away from the network to the endpoint.”

What is Mosyle Fuse?

Mosyle Fuse is a cloud-native mobile device management (MDM), security, and provisioning tool for Mac, iOS, and tvOS. Admins can automate Apple device management and provide single sign-on support for deployment with it.

Fuse supports user enrollment and offers integrations with Google, Microsoft, Active Directory, and APIs. It also includes automated antivirus installation and scanning.

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