OmniPlan 4 offers powerful project management for Mac, iPhone, iPad

Businesses running primarily on Macs, iPads and iPhones can now wield a powerful new project management tool with the release of OmniPlan 4 for iPad and iPhone.

What is OmniPlan?

OmniPlan is a well-designed tool from one of the world’s most experienced Mac developers, the Omni Group. As a former NEXTSTEP consulting company, the firm has roots in the Mac platform that predate macOS; it has introduced apps for Apple’s platform since day one.

Used by top-tier Fortune 500 tech companies and in a variety of industries, including construction, OmniPlan 4 is a great option for project management. It combines interval tracking, recurring tasks, scheduling and schedule alteration, a useful project wizard, and many more tools and features.


A sample simple report on macOS.

It also supports dark mode, syncs automatically (and speedily) via iCloud, and does a great job helping project managers assemble complex tasks within Gannt Charts. These charts aren’t simply images, but can host dependencies, so the tool becomes a working window into project completeness. It means project managers can easily assess overall project status and also swiftly focus on deeper project data to stay on top.

What OmniGroup says

I spoke with OmniGroup founder and CEO Ken Case, who explained the fundamental aim of the software:“OmniPlan is designed for project managers, typically, that’s their professional role, sometimes they’re dedicated project managers — but it can also be somebody for whom this is one of many hats. They don’t have a lot of time to just spend in project management tools the whole day, they don’t want to spend a lot of time when they’re working with it.

“We wanted it to be easy for them to capture a project, get into it and organize it to the level of depth they need — to grow into the project and become more advanced in using the app as needs grow.”

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