Remembering LucasArts, the studio that changes the face of gaming

In late January 2021, the long-dormant brand Lucasfilm Games found itself undergoing a surprise resurrection. It had been shuttered in 2012, following the debut of Angry Birds Star Wars and Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Around that time, you could call the LucasArts of yore dead in the water, at least, in terms of how we used to view the company. 

The end of LucasArts was the end of an era. For so long, it had been synonymous with some of the most memorable games in the industry, some of which helped launch the careers of many of its greatest creators. So when it was time to see the curtain closing on LucasArts for the final time, many felt pangs of pain and even frustration. That’s why its recent revival is such great news.

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