Why WWDC 2021 should take place online

Apple developers, watchers, and analysts all need to plan ahead, which is why so many now are asking how Apple will host its all-important Worldwide Developer’s Conference this year.

WWDC worked well online

Apple showed us how well WWDC works online last year. The event reached more people in real time than ever before and the company emerged from 2020 with record results across its entire product line.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stressed how pleased he’s been with what his company’s people have achieved, and while he says he can’t wait to return to something more normal, even Cupertino doesn’t plan to mandate a return to work until June — at the earliest.

An abundance of caution

Apple’s most important annual event is far more than a trade show. The people who visit are critical to the company and its wider developer ecosystem. Show goers include thousands of developers from across the planet who spend time with hundreds of Apple engineers and other staff from across the world.

The show, which now takes place in San Jose, sees all these people making use of local businesses and taking space in local hotels, which means these thousands of people mix with thousands of residents and staff.

That’s great for business in San Jose, but not such a great mix when dealing with a highly infectious disease in a world wherenot every nation’s mitigations are as effective as others. It also seems unwise in the context of attempting to prevent the spread of recent infectious disease mutations.

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